The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak, to “speak for something.” When a customer chooses a length of material for a suit,
it is said to have “been spoken for.”

Bespoke suits are cut from a unique pattern drafted from scratch from custom measurements of the customer,and is entirely hand-stitched.
Very few tailors in the world maintain this standard anymore as it takes months just to produce one suit, and the cost is highly prohibitive.
On the other end of the spectrum there is the ubiquitous ready-to-wear retail suit which is mass-made in factories and comes in standard sizes, which means they will never be able to offer the right cut, fit and comfort a bespoke masterpiece will. Bespoked offers the best of tradition and technology which allows a suit to be made within a couple of weeks at excellent quality you can trust. Our highly personalized and customized service fits the made-to-measure or custom tailoring descriptions, and though these terms can be confusing, they basically have come to signify
the same process.

Our high-standards require more than 20 detailed measurements and figuration details to be taken from a customer to start the process.

Our value as master tailors is demonstrated here as our experience and ability to understand style and fit sets us apart from many others. We pride ourselves in being able to
offer a combination of old-school quality tailoring and contemporary fashion and style to ensure you look and feel like the gentleman you want to be. In this all-important
process the tailor’s skill, experience and innate sense of style will almost definitely produce a richly-fitting and form-flattering suit. Following the measurement-taking a unique
paper pattern will be created from scratch – not from the basic, adjusted template pattern as preferred by some tailors. Using this pattern the cloth is then cut and trimmed and
the parts of the garment passed on to a single technician to sew and piece together. At least another one fitting is necessary to complete the final processes to produce a beautiful suit.