IAN Portrait
Ian Chang is very excited and proud to introduce a new philosophy in men’s grooming – bespoke tailoring. After many years of experience learning the skills of the time-honoured trade of men’s tailoring, Ian has honed other skills such as an eye for styling and grooming like no other.

During an intership stint a few months ago at Maurice Sedwell, one of the pretigious and regal bespoke boutiques at the world-famous Savile Row in London, an idea was birthed to introduce those same traditions and secrets of bespoke tailoring to the Malaysian public.

A few months later Bespoked was birthed – a fresh and different concept created to offer more value to those who understand and would appreciate the finesse and quality bespoke tailoring offers. It’s traditional Bristish style and pomp to the core, backed by a solid tailoring process refined through the years and delivered with class, quality, personable service and a masterful eye.

Bespoke warmly welcomes you to an experience offered by no other. Come on by and let Bespoked serve you like a true gentleman should be.